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Airbnb Search Engine

Airbnb ranks all listings using an algorithm (much like Google) and our optimization techniques allow your listing to appear higher in search results and receive more bookings.

Proprietary Pricing Tool

We have developed a proprietary pricing tool that allows us to determine future nightly rates based on demand. This tool has led us to managing the #1 & #5 Highest Revenue 2-Bedroom Listings in Calgary.

Proprietary Pricing Tool

We have developed a proprietary pricing tool that allows us to determine future nightly rates based on demand. This tool has led us to managing the #1 & #5 Highest Revenue 2-Bedroom Listings in Calgary.

Strategic Calendar

Our strategy includes specific techniques that allow us to achieve market leading occupancy and revenues. Our properties average an ~85% occupancy rate which is ~20% above the market average.

Clients Reviews

“I have had a great experience working with Your Key Rental Management. They provided me with financial projections, unique to my luxury property, which they exceeded. What I appreciate is the open, honest and reliable communication. I am always kept informed with any necessary updates and find their team to be great educators with regards to the short term rental process. At the end of each month I am provided a statement with how my property is performing. I strongly recommend Your Key Rental Management to future property owners who are looking to partner with a company that delivers on their commitments.“

K. Boessenkool

client since 2020

“I was referred to Your Key and have benefited from their services. In addition to being great with short term rentals, they have helped me to deal with my condo board and their recent changes that no longer allow stays under 30-days. Despite the change in rules they have helped to keep my place occupied and perform above what I would receive as a long-term rental. Your Key took on the additional work required with the condo board and with ongoing tenants including the new forms, conversations, advising and keeping me abreast with what direction they recommend we should go in. Working with Your Key has been an amazing partnership!”

L. Brunn

client since 2020

“My wife and I started working with Beth and Duncan about a year ago. They seemed very professional and highly motivated. We haven’t been disappointed. They are always on top of any issues and have made some helpful suggestions. Despite Covid-19 they have helped us navigate these difficult times and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with them.”

G. & S. Brooks

client since 2019

“Being someone who invests in real estate, I am always seeking new opportunities. After staying at a Your Key property I reached out directly to Beth and Duncan to discuss the potential for them to manage a property if I was to buy one in Calgary. They went one step further and assisted me from that conversation, throughout the entire home purchase process. They provided me with advice and revenue projections to help me make the best decision possible. Fast forward to present day and I couldn’t be happier with the service that I have continued to receive. When I learned they had managed the property to be one of the Top 5 highest revenue earning properties in Calgary I was astonished!“

D. Simms

client since 2018

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Guest Reviews

Guest Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Short-Term Rental (STR)?

A Short-Term Rental (STR) is a property that is typically rented for a duration of less than 30-days. Although the property is rented for shorter durations (on average between 3-7 days), we would manage the property year-round. By renting on a shorter term, you are able to take advantage of peak demand periods throughout the year (Stampede, etc.) which results in much higher revenue potential. With a significant amount of long-term rental inventory in Calgary, short-term rentals provide a solution to home owners and investors.

2. Overview of YKRM

At Your Key Rental Management, we manage the entire hosting process, so you don’t have to.

We do much more than provide a hassle-free experience, we specialize in maximizing the revenue from your property.

As a Short-Term Rental (STR), your property is able to take advantage of peak rental demand periods which results in significantly greater revenue than a traditional rental property.

3. I am not sure if my property will do well as a short term rental (STR), how can you tell?

At YKRM we approach each property as a partnership. With years of experience and hosting thousands of stays, we take each of those experiences and learn from them. This includes what guests look for in a property and what makes those properties successful. To help, we always have a meeting at the property to provide an initial review with recommendations. We always have more than one meeting at the property before it is ready to be staged and photographed.

4. How much could I earn?

Each property has unique characteristics which will have a material impact on it’s revenue potential. What is great about Your Key Rental Management is that we have a proprietary calculation built specifically for the Calgary (and area) market. With this, we can provide you with a 12-month revenue projection so you have an idea of the full financial picture before you begin.

5. How is the management fee calculated?

We strive to keep our fee as simple as possible with 75% of revenue going to the Owner, 25% to Your Key for the management. The cleaning fee is paid for by the guest.

For more information on our service options, please see our pricing area.

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